Civil Engineering Design and Project Management Services in South Florida

EA3 Civil Engineering is committed to providing excellence in project site design.  We provide civil engineering design services for government, right-of-way, neighborhood, residential, and commercial projects at an efficient and cost-effective level, with customer service always at the forefront.

Engineering Design Services

Water Distribution System Design

Analysis and design of water distribution systems including site civil land development projects, Municipal Right-Of-Way Water Main projects, and neighborhood improvement projects.

Sanitary Sewer System Design

Analysis, assessment of existing, and design of sanitary sewer systems.

Stormwater Drainage System Design

Drainage reports of existing stormwater systems, French Drain design, gravity or injection well design, stormwater modeling, pump station design, and neighborhood drainage improvement projects.

Site Civil Design

Full site civil design for land development projects (single-family, multi-family, commercial, parks/recreational facilities) including utility connections, site drainage, stormwater pollution prevention, erosion & sedimentation control, and paving & grading design.

Roadway Design

Geometric design of roadway projects, including traffic calming measures, bicycle lanes, multi-lane highways, and neighborhood improvement.

Paving & Grading

Full roadway grading to prevent flooding problems, comply with ADA requirements, pavement analysis and design.

Parking Lot Design

Efficient parking lot design including shopping centers, mixed-use developments, and commercial developments.

Traffic Calming Design

Analysis and design for neighborhood traffic calming, including roundabouts, speed humps, speed tables, and more.

Drainage Calculations

Preparation of site drainage calculations to complete permitting requirements.

Fire Line Connection Design

Design of Fire Line Connections from municipal water mains to the subject-property, including tapping, associated valves, backflow preventers, and fire department connections.

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES)

Completion of County/municipal requirements for SSES Phases I, II, and III, including smoke testing, field inspections, manhole inspections, CCTV sewer pipe evaluation & analysis, sanitary sewer point repairs, CIPP lining, flow monitoring, and SSES calculations & reporting.

EA3 Civil Engineering provides program & project management services using efficient, organized, and professional practices.  From bidding to permitting and construction, EA3 Civil Engineering can take your project from conception to completion.

Project Management Services

Construction Management

Full program/project management of all aspects, including construction management.

Inspection Services

Construction inspection services including daily construction reports, and plan & specification compliance.

Bid Process Management

Assistance throughout project bid processes, including meeting attendance, quantity take-offs, answering RFI’s.


Project permitting with all applicable regulatory agencies.

Value and Cost Engineering

Project analysis for most cost-effective solutions.

Put EA3 Civil Engineering’s Expertise To Work For You

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